Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday all!!!

This weekend was a great way to wrap up my week! I picked up Em on Friday afternoon and headed east to RI to visit my family there. Let me just way how much I like that drive better than before when I had to screw through Boston to get there...much more relaxing and far less traffic! I made a pact with my sis on Friday that if she would watch Em during my long run on Saturday then I would be her slave for the party!!! It meant a long 13 miles for me and an extra toddler for her to chase but Em just LOVES her cousins so it was a given!

I hadn't run much this week since my belly and I weren't friends but I was determined to get in 13 Saturday to kind-of gauge where I am for time since New Bedford is 2 weeks away. I love running at my parents' coming home! I headed out not quite sure what my route was going to be but I was pretty sure I knew a point that was 6 miles out. I headed by the beach and did some window shopping along Thames Street (made mental notes of some places I would like to go shopping in) and checked the Garmin....3.85 miles....WHAT!!!!??? I knew a 15 mile route but was remembering my little one and my sister with the 3 girls...I got to 11 miles by the time I reached my parents' house and proceeded to run up and down their very steep hill and basically around in circles until I got to 13.1. The hill was good training since I remember New Bedford having a killer hill around mile 12 but I felt my time wasn't great since I had no real direction for about 2 miles. 2 hours and 2 minutes later....not what I wanted but I think with a definite course and race day I'll break 2 hours.

Funny story...during my run I was going up a pretty steep hill by the beach when I began to pass this older woman who looked like she was doing the dead man shuffle. Well the lady saw me and started sprinting up the hill and proceeded to look back at me and yell something! I was shocked and couldn't stop laughing....never a dull moment!

The rest of the weekend was great....lots of belly laughs, happy shrieks, Em following her cousins around, and Abe Lincoln party planning! This week I'm hoping to really ramp up my miles so that I can get back what I missed last I am adding weights this week even if it kills me!!!


  1. Sheesh beware of old ladies on hills! Hilarious!

  2. Get better belly!!! ha ha! Those blue haired runners!

  3. yup, County street hill at mile 12 of new bedford half. I think the hill at mile 3-4 is worse, but it's so early that it doesn't take a toll yet. see you in 2 weeks!