Friday, April 1, 2011

Abs for April

Well I was hoping the forcasted snow was an April Fools joke but not so much! Thankfully it has turned over to just rain...not like my friends up north!

Well I work best with goals in mind so this month I am focusing on the abs...seems appropriate since eventually the weather will get warmer and although I am in no shape to sport my bikinis of my before child life, I would like a harder stomach! I have no set program to do but I figure there are enough things on demand that I can find something. Any suggestions? So here are my goals for April:

Fitness: Run 140 miles
Do abs for at least 20 minutes 4 times a week
Get started toning up!! Getting back the buff!

Crafty: Get at least 5 pages done on Emma's scrapbook
Get up to date on our Christmas album
Make a canvas for our spare bedroom

Family: Plan a date night......start to finish
Laugh......a lot!
Write in Emma's journal at least every week

These all seem doable to me so I am looking forward to seeing how I do by the end of the month. I took a before pic with the abs but I know some of you eat while reading so I will spare you!

On a "Team Blue" update......Melissa C has inspired me to make the tutu for Em. Well it has turned into making tutus for Emma, her cousins, and I. It should be interesting! I am armed with enough tulle to make any 80s prom goer jealous! Em and I found royal blue color yesterday.....the ladies at the fabric store thought it was odd that I was going to wear one too! Mommies can sport tutus too! Why should the 2 year-old have all the fun! I also found some blue sparkle ribbon........which may turn into a clip or two I'm just saying! So this afternoon we are headed to RI and when the kiddies go to bed my Mom, sister and I are going to get our Martha Stewart on! There will definitely be pictures!!!


  1. Can't wait to see the Tutus :)

    Great goals for April - I so hear ya on wanting to work on my abs!

  2. So glad to see you are making the tutus! I can't wait to see them

    As far as abs go, this is what I did in college for abs. I don't know if the exercises are up to date in terms of not straining other muscles (I recently read that triathletes should not do crunches, but I haven't listened). So, do at your own risk- I started it back up a few weeks ago (just the sheet 1x through, 2x/week) and have already noticed a huge difference!

  3. So much fun! Can't wait to see pics!