Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Word for Wednesday


It's such a small world but it holds so much in those 5 letters. It hits us all whether we are facing challenges on our lives or events we have trained months for. 5 little letters that can mean freedom from worry but for one reason or another I choose to be stressed and in control than to have faith and be free. Today I am making a choice to have faith.....
Faith......that my loved ones are safe
Faith.....that each day I will healthy
Faith.....that God has a plan that is WAY better than anything I can dream up
Faith.....that the training I'm doing will result in good runs/races
Faith.....that each step along the way will get me across that finish line
Faith.....that injuries will not kill me but make me stronger
Faith....that each and every day is a gift that I will b
e thankful for
Faith......that once I lay it all down peace
will come


  1. Great post Nancy! I needed that reminder!

  2. I love this post!!! Faith is sometimes a struggle for me, but when I can stop being in control and let God take over - he always does amazing things!!!! Phil 4:13!

  3. What a lovely post and blog. I will be back for sure!!

    Make it a great day!

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  5. This is very true...and hard to have sometimes. He can see us through it all, though!
    I am sorry for your loss was - and am blessed that you found that scripture helpful, Nancy. Hope you are finding peace today.

  6. Just discovered your blog. Love it!