Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Gets You Going???

Well I know the saying is....April showers bring May flowers but this is a little silly!!! Just glad for all you running Monday that the sky is dropping it all now and not then!

Speaking of Monday I was trying to think of a good sign to make for all you bloggers that I am going to cheer on....Mel, Aron, and Small Town Runner! Well my creativity sometimes gets a little everyone out there.....What puts a little kick in your step? Over the years I have seen many signs that have cracked me chocked up....and got me going. So what about you.....I need ideas people!!!

Ok sorry to be so short but I think I need to go work some more on my arc since Noah has the day off!!!


  1. I have a personal favorite:
    "It's not sweat.... It's liquid AWESOME"

    I saw one this weekend running that said
    "It's not sweat, its your fat cells crying"- had a little chuckle

  2. I once saw a sign that said "Run like you stole somethin'" - I don't know if it would motivate me but it did make me chuckle.

    I hope to bring the kids to see part of the marathon - trying to figure out where to stake it out. Do you have a favorite spot?