Monday, April 11, 2011

Blessings Weekend Review

Good morning all!!! Boy has Spring sprung here in New England! I am not pretending though that it is here to is very fickle here! I had an amazing weekend with the fam this weekend filled with lots of picture taking that I haven't uploaded yet. Swing around here tonight and I will have them up!!!

Friday Em and I went to the we didn't put on out tafetta but we went to watch my students who are Juniors in their Grand March. We were about an hour early so there was a lot of picture taking and chasing her to keep her from running into the ocean. The kids looked great and Em was in love with all the colors. She wanted a dress of her own! The funniest part is this new thing of hers. She likes to announce things to people she thinks is hanging around to listen to her. Whenever the people would come on to check the microphone, she would yell out, "Attention everybody! It is now time for the big race!" Priceless! Everything is about the big race now!

Saturday and Sunday was a flurry of time at the park, the beach looking for shells, running around the backyard, eating lunch on the back deck, and watching the hubs clean the backyard (what a trooper!). I was thinking last night what a blessing it was to be able to just be in each and every moment this weekend without other things pulling at me! This is my first Spring in 3 years that I haven't been in school.....This weekend I had no lesson plans to write (already did them during the week), no papers to write, no online classes to check on. It was such a blessing!!!

Well since this is a running blog I guess I should talk about running! My long run on Saturday was not the best. The weather was great but I am in a funk with my running lately where I feel every. single. step. I managed to get in 9 miles, not my planned 10, but my pace was off and my stomach was in knots almost the whole time! What is with that?! I am not going to let it get me down.....too far! Today I got in 3 miles but I think the new kicks are bugging me more than I am thinking. We shall see. I changed kicks after 8 years and I am still not sold. They may be making their way back to the store! My 10k is coming up soon and we got an email from the directors yesterday. I'm excited about this goes over a bridge....very cool! The scary part is there is a big hill at the beginning and end (up and down the bridge) that is 6/10 of a mile! Holy moly!

Well I'm off to do some work! Come on back tonight and I will have some evidence of the fun from this weekend!!! Have a great Monday......all you Boston runners....this time next week will be your big day!!!!!!


  1. I too love running over bridges. Glad you had a great weekend!

    p.s. I made those bbq chicken sandwiches you recommended and they were delicious! Thxs for the recipe. :)

  2. Sounds like such a special weekend. Don't stress about the running, you will get your mojo back! I think sometimes when our bodies are kind of pulling us down, it so often happens right on the heels of our bodies making that final shifting to a new gear. I bet you will hit a whole new gear come race day!

  3. I had a bad long run this weekend too. I hope this next one is good. Too cute "time for the big race!!"