Friday, April 15, 2011

Foto Friday-Boston Edition

Happy Friday all!!!!

First up....a picture of our new neighbors! We got home yesterday and found these two hanging out in our backyard!!! Em and I watched them from the back windows!

The next three pics are from when I ran Boston in 2007(the quality is iffy since they were already in the scrapbook). This was my first and only marathon for me and it was a bittersweet journey for me. I ran as a charity runner for the American Diabetes Association. I ran with two other friends and well....that is a different story for a different day. The thing that made Boston bittersweet for me was that it was an amazing race to experience......crowds, support from family along the route, feeling like I could do anything! I still get goosebumps and chocked up just thinking of it! It is so hard to explain the feeling I got turning that corner and seeing the finish line is a feeling I will never forget. The part that makes it bittersweet, aside from losing a good friend(again another day another channel) was my time. I can't shake that what if feeling.....what if I ran it alone....what if I had trained differently.....what if.....Especially now that I am getting faster and breaking my half mary time I can't help but wonder what my time would be now. At the time I ran a half in 2:15 and today I run it in 1:52. I know that the time is not right for my family for me to train for another marathon so for now it will remain a what if! I do want to say though that it was an amazing experience! Even though I have those what ifs I remember the amazing feeling crossing that line always!

Before.....remember I said it was torrential rain!!! Plastic suit....check!

This was right before I turned the corner to the finish line....I spotted a friend (the one who got me the number) and his wife in the crowdDone......amen!!!!


  1. What awesome memories! Love that last shot! Try not to consume yourself with the what-ifs. Life has it's way of working out.
    2007 was the year of my first marathon too. : )

  2. I love your pictures! I love that feeling of coming up on the finish line. I can't imagine it being at Boston!!

  3. You can't worry about the what if's. You will have time to train again and do awesome! xo!

  4. I was there that year too! Remember being freaked out about the nor'easter? It was all good, though.

    I'm sad not to go this year due to injury, but already have my time for next year and I can't wait!

  5. You ran Boston. No more "what-ifs"! Be proud girl!!!! :)

  6. Nice memories. You did it! Congrats.
    Beautiful pictures.

  7. Rain running rules, its a whole other part of the beast we call running. You rule!

  8. only you could make a down pour look fun nancy! So cute! Hope you are feeling better!!