Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yeow and Yuck!

So yesterday I woke up nice and (way too) early to get in a weight workout. It was raining outside so instead of heading to the gym, I opted to do an workout with Jillian Michaels on demand. It was a pretty good workout but I know that if I want to see results I really need to start pushing myself at the gym with weights. I only have 10lb weights and I think that I need to do heavier for certain things....mostly biceps (I mean I do carry around a 30+lb child so I probably could do more than 10lb weights). Well after the workout my back was tight so I iced it. Then came the dumb the shower I decided to stretch out my back then.......POP! I was certain I wasn't going to be able to stand back up again! Thankfully I could stand and I gingerly got ready for work cursing my back!

Fast forward 30 minutes later as I am one exit away from work......ring ring....the hubs on the line telling me Em had yacked all over her bed! Quick turn around and I was flying home. What a rockstar the hubs was on this though....he had bathed Em and was getting all the bed stuff in the washing machine! Em was fine most the day....didn't yack again but only wanted to eat Veggie Sticks which really are not what they sound like....more like glorified chips but that was all. she. would. eat!

These are the days that I wish we could afford for me to stay home. I was stressed about taking another sick day when really I just wanted to be there for my little girl! I hate leaving in the morning....having someone else watch all the funny things she does all day....I know she is in great hands and she really has a blast there but I love being a Mom and I wish I could be there more! On a positive, I was glad to have the time to nurse my back. Today I did a slow 3 miles on the mill and it felt pretty good. I iced it when I got home and hope to get in another run tonight. I'm taking it easy though because I DO NOT want another back injury like I had before! After my C-section with Emma it is a weak spot and probably always be.

Happy Hump Day all!!!!!

Oh on a side note I think I should go to Vegas cause I'm on a lucky streak.....I won a $25 gift card from the cupcake shirt for Momma!


  1. Heck yes for a new shirt! : )
    I'm sorry you sweet baby was sick. I'm glad you have a great husband who got things started for you, and that you were able to use a sick day to stay with her!

  2. Wow! thumbs up to the hubby! Boo, thumbs down to sweet baby girl being sick. I have one at home today yacking up--hopefully for both last days of winter colds??? Sorry about the back, I think you are wise to take it easy.

  3. just found your blog and i love it! so sorry to hear about your daughter gettin' sick. : ( but good job to hubby!

  4. Hope Em is feeling all better, your back too! Veggie sticks are at least sorta healthy?

  5. Love the quote! It's like "Stop and smell the roses....breathe." How you're feeling right now is temporary. Listen to your body. You will be surprised how fast you'll pop back.