Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIAW...Getting Paleo Ready

So last week I announced that I was challenging myself, and anyone else crazy enough to join in, to 180 days of Paleo eating.

The days in school (Monday-Friday) I am challenging myself to following the Paleo guidelines.
I'm not going to lie, the first week was hard.  There was a very specific reason why it was hard and I'm going to share some tips so that you can avoid the same fate!

When embarking on a challenge that changes the way you eat there is one thing that for me is needed....
"For the Love of the Game" anyone?  Anyone?  

There are many foods that if I have them in the house, or know that they are there, I want to eat them.

Just like Billy Chapel had to clear all that was going on around him to throw a strike, I need to clear the food distractions going on around me.  I did not eliminate all foods that the rest of my family eats...although I did pitch a few when they weren't looking, I just put them out of focus (i.e. off the counter).
When beginning the a new way of eating it helps to "clear the mechanism" by:
  • Clearing the house of your triggers...for me it's fruity candy or chips.  I see them and want them period.  
  • Communicate with your loved ones...roommates...etc. what your triggers are and if need be ask them not to buy them or leave them out.  I know this sounds cray cray but I did ask my hubby to hide the bag of candy he bought...and boy he did a great job because yes I looked for it!!
  • Replace triggers with healthy choices...if I'm craving that crunch there are many veggies I can nosh on.  Often times for me it is just the crunch I'm looking for.
  • When all else fails...go for a walk.  Getting out of the house for me helps me to stop thinking about that food that I want to eat...the fresh air and added mileage isn't too shabby either!
  • Have a plan of've just cleared out all your triggers yes but if you aren't prepared there WILL come a time when you are STARVING and you need food NOW.  Being prepared ahead of time will help you to stick with your plan.
  • Tell people you see daily...this will help them to know not to bring you food and it will help you to stay on task knowing that others are watching.
  • For me I'm steering clear of the Teacher's Room...aka the dumping ground where everyone brings their goodies they want out of their house!
Remember that this is a phase.  I usually go through these cravings for a week or so and then it isn't as bad.  The important part is giving yourself a clean slate!
What tips would you add for someone trying out a new way of eating?  Are you a salty or a sweet craver?


  1. Chewy fruity candy is a big craving for me. IT is hard when the rest of your family isn't following Paleo too, someday I may try it again. I admit I felt really good on it, it is just so hard sometimes!

  2. Good luck with your challenge! I am a sweet craver big time, so YES, it's best not to have goodies in the house. Or have gas in the car ;-)

  3. LOVE THIS!!
    I have the husband convinced to go PALEO-ISH and Im sending him your way.

  4. Will enjoy following along as you go on with this challenge!

  5. It's so funny because most of what I just read I typed into a text for a friend of mine. If I saw this first I would have just emailed her the link. Lol.

    She is going through a hard time because her husband can "only eat carbs" so I was offering her suggestions.

    Oh, I make my husband hide food from me all the time and I do look for it with no luck. Lol

  6. wow.... been thinking about this for some time... excited for you.

  7. I didn't know really what paleo was all about - this is a great post, really interesting!