Monday, October 11, 2010

10K for 10-10-10

So I am posting this a little late because we were at a wedding last night...probably us and half the world since it was such a popular date! The hubs and I partied like rockstars forgetting that we in fact are no longer that! Definitely dragging around today! Ahhh to be young again!

So I was going back and forth yesterday b
etween running a 10 miler or a 10K. One meant I would need to go alone and the other included my trusty running companion Emma. My ultimate decision was made because my Hubby has always been so good about letting me run whenever and for how long I want and I thought he deserved some gym time! So I bundled up the girl and out the door we went to celebrate this cool, autumn day!

Yes I am not beyond saving her favorite snack for my runs! Veggie Sticks!

I didn't go for a certain time but I wanted to keep it under a 9 minute mile. I have been trying to push myself more and more each time. However, today was a different run for me. I started off and began to remember a eulogy that I heard a few weeks ago while sitting at a funeral for a childhood friend who died far too young. Her husband said beautiful things about his wife but what stuck with me was how he credited her with showing him how to slow down and enjoy life. So I took this run to do just that. We stopped to look at the leaves, the beach, the fuzzy caterpillar lumbering by. We made a pit stop half way to get in some swinging and slide time at the park. We stopped to greet every neighborhood dog. We sang songs way off key at the top of our lungs and counted to 10 more times than normal. My pace....well it was under 9:20....but the time we had together was priceless! It was a beautiful morning and a gift I promptly thanked God for...many times!

Emma decided she wanted to run the last part toward the house. She loves to run!

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