Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today started my day with the mindset of no excuses...this week I am not going to let the weather or circumstances get in the way of my workouts. And of course today was cold...like that first cool, damp day where you just want to curl up in your jammies. Well praise the Lord for my hubby who played with Em while I went for a run when he got home.

About a mile into the run I realized that it was quickly getting dark and street lights in my new neighborhood are few and far betw
een. Now I am a serious self-proclaimed scardy cat...we're talking hate the dark, Boogie Man under the bed scared. Even when I was younger, you could tell when I was home alone at night by the amount of lights that were on! Well today I hauled bootie to get in at least 4 miles before the street was too dark even though I felt like this:

I guess I just need to do my racing at night now since I maintained a 7:30 pace!

What brings on the speed for you?


  1. LOL! hey whatever works i guess? i am usually OK in the dark but if i see something scary (like a trashcan) i will get in some impromptu speedwork.

  2. It's perfectly normal, no worries. There are a number of reasons why a dark street can be quite scary, and just thinking of one of them will make you go, "eep!" But on the other hand, it does get you the speed. Boogey Man, road accidents, pitch black road, cars-suddenly-speeding, and all that can really give you the creeps.