Friday, June 11, 2010

Do I need to cut of a limb???

I know I just posted to review and gush about my favorite watch ever but I also had something happen this week that got me asking the question above...
Do I need to cut off a limb???
A girl that I teach with, who we may add is already very slim and in good shape, was starting to look really thin so I asked her if she had lost any weight. She of course went on to say that she had lost 14lbs in the past 2 months. "Good for you!" was my response and I really was excited for her because I knew that she was trying to lose a few pounds. Really I was happy for her. Her response...."Yeah I was inspired by you and just started running!" Ok again so happy for her and that I was able to ignite that love for running, but I started thinking of my own weight loss and how the past few weeks it has come to a screeching halt. Now granted I haven't been as clean as I should's the end of the year and everyone is retiring which equals cake. I LOVE frosting! But....I just started running......UGH!!! I ran 110 miles last month and lost 1lb!!! What do I need to do? HELP!!!

I'm sorry to come across whiny or to make you think I am not supportive of others....just one of those days I think!


  1. I'm with you! I think it's just harder for some of us to lose weight, as sad as that is. I have to work hard for every pound. Which reminds me, I really need to start counting calories for the next couple weeks before we go to the beach. Wish me luck!

  2. Well you're already super active and maybe she wasn't? plus that is alot of weight to lose in 2 months, I don't know that it will stay off in the long run... you're working at it! keep doing it. It's frustrating, I know! Can you change up your routine?

  3. And remember that every body is different!