Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Things Thursday Confession Style

Hi there all!! I hope you are enjoying your week! We are currently trapped here on Cape Cod in a wind tunnel....serious winds since Sunday! That equals no jogger running outside....which equals lots of treadmill! I have also started using P90X again on the days that I am doing weights.....Holy Batman my chest and arms hurt! I even had trouble holding my arm up to wash it in the shower!!! I am nervous to try the leg workout because I don't want to be out of commission for days. Any suggestions??? Well today I thought I would get a few things off my chest so here it goes!!

1. My eating has been horrible lately! I haven't really considered myself an emotional eater. I'm more likely not to eat when I am stressed out but lately watch out! When I found out I was pregnant I tried very hard to get out of the diet...count hungry mode. I confess that I allowed myself a few too many treats here and there. However now that I am no longer pregnant I need to reset my eating. I have been giving myself a little grace but I know that I can't let it go too far. Well almost like a gift from above, Amanda at RuntotheFinish is starting a Sugar Free Challenge in June!!! I need this accountability so I am so excited!! If you are interested head on over to check it out!

2. I make up parking spots! I was laughing to myself today as I headed to one of my schools and saw that the parking lot was full. Well being my creative self I made up a spot!!! I used to do this ALL. THE. TIME. in college, much to my parents' wallet's dismay! If you can't provide adequate parking spaces then I'm sorry but I am just going to make it up!!!

3. My daughter eats like a college freshman! For one reason or another I have a daughter who is a very picky eater. Her dinner choices include pizza, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, pancakes, and oatmeal. She will eat all kinds of fruit and she will eat veggies when she can dip it in something. I have borrowed the book Deceptively Delicious and am ready to get her eating better! She is not over weight or unhealthy but it would make me feel better if she ate more of a well rounded menu! Any suggestions for picky eaters????


  1. I have an extremely picky eater. I used to try to sneak veggies into things, but he would find them if you can believe it. It was like he had a veggie radar. As he has aged he is getting better and not so stressy about his choices. Hopefully she will grow into her food.
    I am headed over to check out the "no sugar" blog. I definitely need something. Hoping my cleanse next week will help me out.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. Hey! New follower here! My daughter is also picky...I can't take it. tried that book and somehow she detects the slight change in taste (not all the time). What I do make that works are smoothies. She LOVES them, my son too, and I stick every healthy thing I can in there. Put some strawberries, blueberries and a banana over it...they never know!

  3. I am off to check out the Sugar free challenge... I need something like that BUT will I be able to do it?

    Make it a great day!

  4. I think making up parking spots is a sign of creativity...and genius too of course!

  5. Glad to hear that you are able to work out again - good for the mind, body and spirit :)
    Deceptively Delicious is an awesome book - I have used it a lot with my son (2 1/2 yrs) who sound like he is on the same diet as your little one! Good luck :)

  6. it should be interesting to give up sugar for a month- just stay away from the awful artificial sweetners (stevia and agave are okay)
    I gave up dairy for 1 month- it was rough. Good luck!!