Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up meets Week Ahead

Hi there!! Well we are working on our 3rd week of clouds, drizzle, and cool temps....yeah this is getting old. I was reminded this morning of an Elizabeth Elliot book I had read in college where she gives the advice, "Don't complain about anything, not even the weather." but I am finding it very hard! I am also starting to panic that this is what summer is going to be like....NOOOOOOOOO! Ok so off to more positive things!

Saturday I met a friend I haven't seen in a wicked long time for lunch. It was the first time in a while that I have met a friend for lunch sans Em so it was a huge treat!...thanks to the hubs! I was able to carry on an adult conversation without any interruptions to say don't put that in your hair....or would you like to watch Elmo....or anything along those lines! It was great and I was even able to find a cute pair of shorts. That's right you heard it here I bought shorts. I am NOT a shorts person. I don't run in them and I don't hang in them but this year I am going to try. This purchase has prompted me to revamp the workouts too but I'll get to that later. I also saw a super cute running skirt at Lululemon......
I mean really how cute is this!!!?

Sunday I headed out for my long run with the intentions of running 10 then grabbing my partner in crime to run to the park. Well it was cold and windy so that was out but the way my run went made the decision even easier! It went awful!! Right from the get go I was sluggish but just thought I had to warm up a little. By mile 3 my body was begging to be done! Not a good sign! I finished the run but not without a few walking breaks. Not sure what is up but my body just felt so incredibly tired....same this morning but hey the show must go on!! Hopefully this week will be better. Which leads me to......

This week's workout plan: (I've changed things up in hopes to have more weight days in)
Monday: P90X legs and back and Ab Ripper (am) 5-6 miles (pm)
Tuesday: 5 miles (am)
Wednesday: P90X shoulders, back and chest and Ab Ripper (am) 7 mile tempo (pm)
Thursday: 5 miles (am)
Friday: die....I mean rest up!
Saturday: 10-13 miles
Sunday: Play all day!!!

My eating goals continue this week. I did some cooking this morning so I am stocked for the week. How was your weekend???


  1. Holy moly that is the cutest running skirt! I'm not a skirt runner, but that one might convert me! Glad to see you're jumping into shorts! My theory is go short or long - capris are so unflattering! :) Have a HAPPY week!

  2. I did a lot of relaxing with the kids and Ry this weekend. Gearing up for a very busy June! Spent the weekend relishing in the last few days of year #28. :) Love that skirt. I'm going to try to embrace shorts this year tool. First year ever!!

  3. Super cute running skirt. I have never tried one before!

  4. I love Lulumon! :) sometimes those runs just feel bad, no matter what. At least you got your 10 in.. I would have wimped out with the wind and cold. :)