Tuesday, May 17, 2011

21 for Tuesday

Let me just begin by saying how much it trills my sole that it is raining for the 5th straight day and will be doing so for the next 5 more! The hubs said yesterday that we are going to have a jungle for a backyard when this is all over....he may be right!

Ok whining aside...now down to business! I have posted a few times lately about how I need to rein in my eating. It is not Fat Tuesday every day and I have needed a reminder....rather kick in the pants! I worked so hard to lose the weight after Em and ended up losing an extra 15lbs which brought me down 70lbs....with 5lbs more I'd like to get rid of. Well the past few weeks like I said I have stumbled....some due to things out of my control but mostly due to what I choose to put in my body. Yesterday I got on the scale with an extra 3lbs flashing back at me. There was my kick in the pants!!! Now I have 8lbs to get rid of but more than that it is the scale moving in the wrong direction. I haven't felt great about my food choices either and I know they are not good for me.

Yesterday I read this post on "Endurance Isn't Only Physical". Tricia has an amazing story of weight loss but more than that it is of finding her own strength and who she is. You should really stop by to read it. She is amazing! One thing she said was that she gave herself 21 days. She marked it off on the calendar and for those days she promised herself to make good choices. Within those 21 days she was able to feel the difference she was making. She is also doing it again to reset herself which got me thinking....I can do 21 days!

I've marked my calendar and today begins my 21 days. For 21 days I am taking my health and weight seriously. I'm not cheating! 21 days of good choices for my body!

What can you do for 21 days?


  1. Great approach! I know you can do this--look what you've already accomplished.

  2. This is an awesome post and I love the 21 day challenge!

  3. great idea. i am going to her post now. the detox ended up being a no go. it was a lot of veggies (which is not a big deal) but no caffeine, no dairy, no grains etc...it was just to much with T away for the week:) Can you believe the rain. Our grass is so long and we just mowed. YUK!!!

  4. First off - WORD on 21 Days. I'm IN. So funny, before I cam here to visit today I had just said, "I am going to eat well today. Today I will not cheat myself."
    So yea!

    Secondly - I am glad you got a giggle off the post! Laughing at my expense is TOTALLY acceptable. Have a great wednesday!

  5. Oh my goodness, this rain is nuts. WHEN does it warm up around here?? :) Go you and the 21 day challenge!