Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tunes for Tuesday

Ok my music mavens....I am putting together a playlist for my half on Sunday and I need your help.  Part of my problem is that mentally I haven't been into running.  I have been VERY focused for a long time and am struggling a bit lately.  Not ok with a big race coming up.  One way that I find to keep myself going is some great new tunes.  So......I'm asking all of you....please:

What song is guaranteed to put a pep in your step?


  1. oooooh, I am so bad about this. I've only run a race with music once and my playlist was awful but my friend did make me her playlist and put them on CDs...it is awesome so I will try to find her list and send you a few. Totally gets me moving.

  2. I mostly listen to R&B/Pop when I run. I can transform ya - Chris Brown is one I have on my playlist. I know his "transform ya" doesn't have anything to do with working out or running but I think that in my head! haha...

  3. I really like slow steady music for running but when I need extra pep, I love Kayne West All of the Lights, Regina Bells You Dont Know Me At All and Eminem Love the Way You Lie

  4. Three 6 MAfia, Shake My
    Beastie Boys, Okay
    Beyonce, Run the World
    Britt Nicole, Welcome to the Show
    Ke$ha, Blow
    I can keep going!

  5. Party Rock Anthem....ALWAYS pumps me up no matter what! good luck in your race!

  6. here goes~
    Motivation(rebel rock remix) Kelly Rowland
    You Make Me Feel..~Cobra Starship
    Till The World Ends(The Femme Fatale Remix) Britney Spears
    Muny~Nicki Minaj
    Monster~ Kanye West
    He's A Mental Giant~ Tech N9ne
    Bottoms Up~ Trey Songz
    Broken Hearts Parade~Good Charlotte
    i could keep going but im not sure what type of music you listen to.
    good luck:)

  7. I agree with 'that pink girl' for Ke$sha- totally gets me moving (i do have a soft spot for the song blow, but her others work well too)

    GIRL TALK- if you don't know them, you will love them, or him. Its one guy and he takes songs to create a new song. Its not like a mashup its more bits of songs that literally flow into another. there are 100s of songs out there by him, check it out!

  8. My music tastes are still 15 years old :)

    Katy Perry
    ...quality musicians like them lol

  9. Yeah, like most of the above, pop or rap is always upbeat (Kanye, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem are a few faves). However, I also like the Killers and Kings of Leon, if you are in the mood for alternative music.

  10. My four "get going" songs are:

    I'm too sexy... right said fred
    Just like heaven... the cure
    L'Amour a la francaise... les fatals picards
    Faith... george michael/wham

    I acknowledge that my musical tastes are weird. But if you do like these, on my blog I have a tabbed page of music I like.

    Good luck!