Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Boy did I need a kick to get out of bed this morning!!!  I did it though and grumbled my way through 3.5 miles!!  Here are my random 3 things for this week:


I signed up yesterday to "Run with Jess" to help her celebrate her 37th birthday!  This girls rocks....and just became a marathoner!  Head on over and sign up for her virtual race!!!  Oh and buy one of those adorable cupcake shirts while you're there!! Run with Jess

2.  I know I gush about what a blessing Em is and how adorable she is always but allow me a few more moments to be a proud Mommy.....We went to the track yesterday early before my running group.  We had the intention of playing soccer on the big field but the football team was practicing (which Em was not happy with), so instead we ran....and ran....and ran.  Each lap I asked her if she wanted to stop but nope...3 laps later (.75 mile) she decided to stop and say hi to her Dad.  Watch out Boston Marathon 2031....Emma is coming your way!  I was so proud of always!  The funny part was she kept yelling at the football team to get off the field and then turning to me to tell me they weren't listening to her!  She also said that Santa was playing football .....yeah the team colors are red and white!  I bragged gushed about her to anyone who would listen in my running group!

3.  Boys are stinky....there is no way to sugar coat this.  My office in the high school is just beyond the locker rooms.  Yesterday I was walking by to go to the office and WHAM I was hit with stank!  Axe body spray + sweat + equipment funk + any other cologne they can find = stinky stank!  I have always wanted a son but boy....don't know how I will deal with the stink....since us girls always smell like roses!!!

Have a great day all!!!


  1. That is so great when Emma said! I love it! She'll so be there!

  2. My daughter loves to run, too. Our girls are totally watching us and learning. I love this lesson we're teaching them!

    Boys are stinky! No doubt about that one.

  3. That's so cute. It's awesome she loves running!

  4. Boys ARE stinky! Good job getting out of bed. You conquered the difficult part! Running is easy after that!

  5. fun post! I'm running that virtual race too! :)