Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

One thing that I have learned since Emma was born is that a funny little thing called Mother's Guilt makes you do things you never thought you would.  You know those things you used to see moms doing and thinking, "Oh I would never do that!"  Well some days I feel as though I should be on the next episode of Super Nanny not because Em misbehaves but more of what I do!  This past week and a half, Em has been having a hard time with me going back to work.  She is crying more clingly....not eating much....and waking up half asleep yelling out "Mommy!"  It KILLS me!  She was always really good about going to daycare and honestly once she is there she loves it.  However, this year she is older and not so psyched about me not being around.  I know this is good for her and she will be fine soon but the process to get there leaves me crying my way to work and cancelling plans so that I can be around as much as possible.  I feel resentful of my friends and family that are able to stay home with their kids because I really just don't have that option.  I love my job and working with kids and I know in a month this will all be settled but UGH I hate it!!  In an attempt to lighten the mood a bit here are three things I have done because of Mommy Guilt that could lead me straight to Super Nanny intervention time!

1.  Going in to rock....This morning (with 3 minutes to get in my car before I would be late) Em woke up and was crying.  I went in to just rub her back but it lead to rocking her....putting her in bed with Dad....and back into her own bed where I left her screaming, "Mommy don't leave me!"  Seriously....should have just walked out the door and she would have gone back to sleep!

2.  Welcome to the circus....Em and I (and the hubby too) play the craziest games and wear the craziest stuff because Em tells us to!  There are so many games going on at times that I feel like I'm at the circus!!  It is fun in the end and great to see her fabulous imagination!!!  I mean really we all wore blue tutus during a race because Emma wanted them....cousins, auntie, and all!!

3.  Pretty please with sugar on top!....I am in the throws of begging training Emma to use the potty and I will admit I try new sugary treats often!  I know this is not good and I plan on making a sticker chart soon so she can earn something bigger but until then.....I bribe her!  Ugh I have never bribed a student and swore I wouldn't with my daughter!!  This week's vice....candy corns!  I know I should just poor the sugar straight from the bowl!!!  The only flip side is if she does make that jump to no longer using diapers I can stop flushing my money down the toilet!!!

I know Mother's Guilt is something all moms grapple with (right?) and it probably never goes away even as they get older.  I just hope that this transition starts to smooth out and I can stop feeling like world's worst mom! 
What crazy thing have you done as a result of Mommy Guilt??? 


  1. i don't have kids so my 'mom advice' is limited- however I do have 2 nephews that are the same age, yet COMPLETELY different personalities. One, C, is clingy and cries when he doesn't see mom, similar to yours, and the other, J, is happy go lucky all the time. The main difference I noticed is J is constantly surrounded by different people- whether its my brother and his wife, my parents, neighbors, or friends.
    C is only with my sister in law or brother- not a lot of interaction with 'outsiders', for him if they're not around he cries.

    My sis in law and brother in law are finally starting to work on that C is slowly getting much better (to me its a night and day difference from before)
    Not saying its the case with your little girl, but since it worked for them, i figured i'd at least pass info along.

  2. i let lloyd on the couch sometimes when i want to snuggle and feel like he's been neglected during the work week. he's my son i can't help it! lol

    you are right. it'll work out. hang in there!

  3. ah, the mom guilt! Isn't that fun? I experience it in different ways- but still no fun. I'm not sure it ever gets better- but she will get older and understand the sacrifices you are making for her... to make a good life for her :).
    I had one or two of my kids that would ONLY respond to candy while potty training! I tried the sticker thing and it did nada! Good luck!

  4. Haha! We are currently using candy corns too! Nick calls them "carrots." "I want a carrot mommy!" I bought sticker charts. He does not want stickers. There have been so many times where ex: Kara is laying in her crib for a while and not going to sleep. I go in to rock her and it ends up putting her to bed screaming. Or Nick has been crying and I should just let him be but I decide to go in and it just extends the process and he's still crying... I know what you are talking about.