Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three Things Thursday...Shame, Pats Nation, and Paying Respect

Yes I realize that the Pats are not going to the "Big Dance" but I wanted to dedicate two of this week's three things to all things Pats Nation before it goes to bed for a long winter's nap!

Miles of Shame...Last week, Pavement Runner and NYC Running Mama posed a wager for runners to put their miles where their mouth is.  Of course I joined in!  I mean really what are the odds of it happening twice that I would have to run?!  Perhaps you remember last year's shameful miles....
Saturday I headed out for my long run confident that Tom Terrific was going to lead us to the winner's circle,
and then preceded to watch the team go down in flames....15 miles of shame for me!!!  At least last year they only burned me for 4 miles!

Pats Nation...I would say of all the New England sports there is, we are probably the biggest Pats fans.  I say that and then my mind drifts to the fact that pitchers and catchers report in just 21 days!!  Either way, our daughter knows Tom Brady before many princesses....well most of the it is no surprise that she is a big member of Pats Nation!

Paying Respect...This weekend's run was the final 10 miles of my Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Virtual Half Marathon.  If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this post on Saturday afternoon...
 My lungs legs were tired but I had my girls to come home to...This week's miles were for those who no longer do! #sandyhookmemorialhalf
Last week we practiced lock downs in all the schools...a chilling reminder of what could happen even in sleepy New England towns.  I am so thankful for my family and there are days when I am walking the halls of school that I am overcome by the pain that the families and teachers in Newtown must feel.  Babies becoming angels far too soon.


  1. I'm joining you for the shameful miles :( I'm not sure how long we have to get the run in but I have to wait until the temps are at least in the double digits. Ugh!

    Well written and touching words "My lungs legs were tired but I had my girls to come home to...This week's miles were for those who no longer do!"

  2. That's right--run those 15 miles in shame! Sorry...gloating Ravens fan. This year was especially sweet for us after last year's near miss to the Pats!

    Loved how you summed up your run for Newtown.

  3. I'll also be joining you in some miles of shame - thankfully I capped my miles at 10 (never thought I'd need it but glad I did!)

    Nice job on the virtual half - "Babies becoming angels far too soon." So true...still makes my heart hurt so much.

  4. I'm sorry but I'm very pleased not to see the Pats in the Super Bowl :-)
    The idea of practicing lockdowns does chill my bones. I'm actually a little surprised in that they haven't done that at my son's school yet, at least not that I know of. Those are beautiful words at the end of your run.

  5. I just love how my American pals get so into their football teams. I know it's a cliche but it's just so AMERICAN and you seem to have so much fun with it.

  6. My loyalty actually lies with the Bengals, but since they fail to make it far enough to be part of a wager like this, I choose the Pats since I now live in NE. I'm all paid up though! Have fun.

  7. Oh man 15 miles! Great job on your virtual:)

  8. I owe 15 miles too. Lucky I am marathon training and we have 16 on the schedule for next week. Uhhhhh.....Tom Terrific how could you do this to us.

  9. Aww I love your kids jerseys! I got a Wes Welker jersey when I was in New England this summer and I managed to forget to wear it the entire season. Maybe it will be lucky next year!