Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Talk to me Tuesday...Putting your Gameface On!

 There are so many game time traditions that professional athletes out there adhere to...for example:
Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics eats a PB&J sandwich exactly 55 minutes before game time...
Football player Brian Urlacher gets his Cookie Monster on just before kick off by eating 2 chocolate chip cookies...
Tiger Woods (that's for you honey) gets down to business on Sundays by putting on a red shirt....
Stephane Lebeau for all you NHL fans chews 20-25 pieces of gum and proceeds to spit it out 2 minutes before the puck is dropped.

When I was growing up I had all sorts of pregame superstitions...I used to eat a roast beef sandwich when I was young before every travel softball game swearing it helped me hit the ball harder...I put my uniforms on the same way every. single. game...but the one tradition that stuck with me most of my softball days was my Pippi braids!
 They began as a way to keep my super thick hair from getting all knotted under my catcher's helmet as well as a way to keep my neck cool during those scorching summer games, however as I grew older (and started doing the braids myself) it became more of a time for me to dial in and prepare for game time!  It was my way of putting my game face on!

Well...the braids are making a comeback these days. It started as a way to keep me looking like an alien head with my thick hair tucked under a winter hat...and has now become my pre-run tradition...a way for me to focus and dial in to the task ahead of me.  Each day it is getting easier and I can walk a little bit better the next day but it is still a battle.  For now I'll braid my braids and put my game face on!
How do you put your game face on???


  1. Happy to hear that you are getting better as the days go by! Keep that game face on :)

  2. Love it-- and so true! The mental game-- that comes with a game face is so key!

  3. I love hearing about the rituals/traditions people have before races (or any sporting event). We do what we need to do to get ourselves ready! Love the braids!

  4. man i had so many rituals in highschool--- ALWAYS had to wear same underwear and sports bra for track meets, had to kiss my stuffed animal cow before every high jump attempt etc... now i don't have one and maybe thats my problem... new mission- find a ritual :)

    Love the braids as well :)