Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Motivation

The past two weekends I was able to see and run with my BRF Jill thanks to a class that I teach my alma mater!  Seriously I have said it before, there is just something about the road in front of you and your friend beside you that often times is just what you need!  Take time to reconnect with your friends...either running or just going for a walk this week!  There is just something about it that the soul needs at times!  Normally my Monday motivations are all about pushing limits and reaching new goals...but today I'm encouraging you to slow things down a bit and connect with those around you.  Then after go OWN that goal!

I wanted to also announce the winner of my BeFit giveaway!!  Congrats to Amy Evans!!  I sent you an email this morning!! Thank you all who entered!


  1. YES! so happy for both you and Jill to be running and spending time together these days. Your picture is beautiful. Have a great week!

  2. Agreed! So important to take time to connect with friends and loved ones!