Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Motivation

If you're anything like me, you have a full arsenal of excuses ready to go at any time, but as we all know those excuses will never get us closer to our goals!  This morning I woke up....hit the snooze...and blissfully went back to sleep waking up 30 minutes after I needed to leave for the gym.  I had sprints on my schedule and knew I didn't have time tonight to get them done....the excuses started flowing but I tore myself out of bed and downstairs to our treadmill.  About 5 minutes in I felt awesome....thankful I didn't let the excuses win!!!  Get up and get it done today!!!


  1. Oh and I love this tweaked to remove the word calories as well!!

    I'm going to share it with the child as Making excuses provides no momentum!!

  2. Great job getting it done! I did some yoga this morning and am contemplating a run. I had my eyes dilated though and although it is getting better I still feel ugh, might be time for a rest day!