Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Are You Ready to #BeFitAllYear? *Giveaway*

I am always looking for great weight workouts to supplement my running as well as trying out different products out there to help improve my performance in the gym or on the road.  That's why I was so excited to partner up with BeFit for a campaign with Fit Approach this past month.

I have used fat burners and pre-workouts before but they left me jittery and at times with scary chest pains...not fun at all.  I was hesitant to try out the BeFit Pre Workout but the first day I did and sipped it on my way to the gym.  The results....fabulous!  I was not jittery at all and no other side effects!  I was excited to find something that I could drink for those early morning gym sessions when I'm lucky to get out of bed let alone make and drink some coffee!  I use it now every morning before I head to the gym or go out for a run and it is AWESOME!!  It doesn't even bother my stomach on long runs which has been something I have struggled with in the past!  The flavor is great and is so easy to take!  It is GMO and sugar free and really keeps me focus and energized throughout my workouts!
I take the BeFit Burn before my lunch each day.  I didn't want to take that in conjunction with the pre-workout so I decided to take it before lunch.  Again I was so excited that I didn't feel those awful side effects that can be common with fat burners!  I felt focused and energized but not so much that I was going at super speed.  I even was able to avoid the 3pm slump that sends me straight for the coffee pot!  It is GMO and Gluten free as well as Vegan, and also includes a probiotic which I always need!

What's a muscle without some great protein?  Nothing!  Which is why it was great to try out the third product I received from BeFit, Vanilla BeFit Whey.  It comes in vanilla and chocolate but I liked the vanilla so that I could have an option to mix in many different flavors.  It tasted delicious and it was even chickie approved!
I found myself having to make double batches so that the girls could have some too.  Bonus is that they got the added protein for breakfast without any of the side effects that sometimes protein powders have.  
I was also given a workout calendar that went along with the BeFit YouTube channel for a full month of workouts.

I love having the option to have an awesome workout at home if my schedule gets crazy or the kids are up early.  I also love getting different workout ideas!  These videos were great!  Each one was about 15-20 minutes long depending and often times I doubled up the workout doing the video twice through.  Boy did they have me sore the next day!  They are easy to follow videos and require very little equipment.  A perfect fit if you are looking to get in a great workout at home...or write it down and take it with you to the gym!  The channel is free so even better!!!

Because I learned all I need to know in life in elementary school, I know that sharing is caring!  You have a chance to win a fabulous prize package from BeFit all for yourself that includes the three new BeFit products BeFit Whey, BeFit Burn, and BeFit Pre workout.  Just enter below!  The giveaway is open until Friday March 11th!!!
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I was given three new products from BeFit as part of a campaign with FitApproach but all of the opinions expressed are 100% mine!


  1. How nice to find a fat burner that didn't leave you jittery! I've tried similar products in the past but I'm always left feeling shaky.

  2. It's hard to find a delicious tasting protein powder. I like to use exercise videos, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. It's hard to find a delicious tasting protein powder. I like to use exercise videos, too. Thanks for the giveaway!