Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WIAW...Feast Day!

I am on week 5 of the Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling program I have been doing with Amanda.  I honestly love this program and what I am learning about food and nutrition!  Now that I have several weeks under my belt I thought I would share what a typical feast day looks like for me. Just for background information, feast day comes before a 24 hour fast day (actually one of my favorite days) and you aim for about 25% more calories and at least 250 carbs.  One thing that this day is NOT is a cheat day.  I know that there are programs that have a cheat day built in, but for me it is like letting an alcoholic have one day a week to drink....I don't have the self control to stop.  For feast day we are eating a lot more (it was most difficult for me to eat all the carbs since I have spent many years being afraid of carbs!), but they are still whole foods and are also dairy and gluten free.

Feast day from breakfast until dinner looks pretty much the same every week....I look forward to some of the treats like oatmeal and sweet potatoes!

Breakfast...Breakfast is my biggest meal of the day because it comes after our full body workout.
I mean really all this food....and I'm losing inches!!  I always have gluten free oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas, Ezekial toast, and two eggs.  I also have coffee with coconut milk but I am thinking of phasing the coffee out of my life.  UGH!

Snack...If I get a little hungry before lunch since my breakfast is at 6am and my lunch is at 1:30pm, I snack on a handful of almonds, or if I'm home during feast day I'll blend up a green smoothie with protein and spinach!

Lunch....Bring on the sweet potato!  I have broccoli, ground turkey, and sweet potato!  I usually add in some fruit for a sweet!
Dinner...Dinner usually shifts around depending on when feast day falls.  On the menu today is meatballs with brown rice spaghetti...always a winner in our house!

The fast starts after I finish my dinner!  I usually feel like a bear getting ready for hibernation after feast day if I hit my macros but I have fast day to look forward to!

Do you do feasting and fasting?

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  1. Nothing better than starting your day off with a bowl of oatmeal... topped with peanut butter of course :)