Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday Thankful Style

I need to remind myself each day to enjoy and savor the good things in my life...the blessings that color every day! This Thursday is going thankful style!

1. There is just something like old friends that are like putting on an old worn-in a long needed hug! You know those people that you can call after months of being out of touch and it is like you never stopped! I am so thankful for friends like I know they are thinking of me even though we don't always talk.

2. Running....yeah I am well aware that this is a running blog so it goes without saying but I feel so blessed that I can run. I am reminded to be thankful on days when I am not feeling well and can't or when I read blogs about those of you who are injured. It is something that can go in an instant and so each day I can run I know is a blessing! Last night, thank you for your well wishes, I had a great speed run! I finished pouring with sweat and it was worth every drop!

3. Puxawhatever know Mr. Groundhog! Well what a great guy he is...he must have felt our pain because that little guy didn't see his shadow. Bring it on Spring!!!

Oh and tomorrow is Friday.....BRING IT!!!!


  1. All good things to be thankful for!

  2. Ha! I'm not sure that groundhog knows what he's talking about... but I sure do want to believe it!! Love your Thankful Thursdays!

  3. My question is - who in the world were the 40,000 people who stood outside in an ice storm to see if he saw his shadow!?

  4. I like your positivity! Especially the running thing. I can't run, but I'm grateful that I can walk, do aerobics, the elliptical, etc... there's always people worse off than I am.

  5. Oh how I love #1.

    Just met up w/a friend I hadn't seen in 11 years!! Awesome.


    I. Loved. It.
    Stay at hm moms should get a salary. For. Sure.

    You. Rock.