Friday, February 4, 2011


These crazy weeks with snow days and all that jazz for some reason makes me even more excited for Fridays. You would think that having short weeks like I have had would make the week fly by but this Type A scheduled girl craves a normal week! Here are some things I'm looking forward to now that it's Friday.....
  • Running outside....with time and daylight restraints my runs are usually done on the mill during the week. I LOVE running outside and can't wait to crank out many many miles this weekend OUTSIDE!!!
  • Getting Em out of bed...this is another weekend only event since I am out of the house before she wakes up during the week. I love going to get her out of bed....she has the craziest bed head!
  • Birthday dinner...not for me but for my father-in-law but I love a night out!
  • Time.....just time to do whatever and not have to worry about running out of it!
  • Putting this week behind has been a stressful week and one that hasn't ended so great running wise so I am very glad to hit the do over button!!!
What are happy for this weekend? TGIF!!!


  1. Very happy to have this crazy, hectic, full-o-school-cancellations and stomach bug-infested week behind me! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. whoa I totally agree! Totally throws me off when I cant plan or things get cancelled!

  3. Hope you have a fun, stress-free weekend!

  4. I love getting my kids out of their beds...especially when they are in the baby stage. My little guy is always so happy to see his mama! Like your new blog font and color and background? what else? I'm happy for my son napping, my kids at the neighbors for a play date and time to catch up on blogs i've missed.

  5. I am ALWAYS happy for Friday! Too bad the weekend goes by so quickly! :)