Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday meets Three Things Thursday!

Yesterday I had a training all day which equaled a restless and a little grouchy Fancy Nancy. All that said I was unable to post my wordless Wednesday pic....

Here is my desk at the high school (I have 3 at each school...gets confusing!) These are my race bibs since I have started running with my very favorite girl Jill!!!! I hope to fill up my desk this year! It is a great conversation piece with my high schoolers!

For my three things I was reflecting today on my past with running. I was talking with Emma's daycare person and her husband (it is out of her house) about running a race and really encouraging them to do it. I love to get people into running and see them accomplishing things they never thought they could! This made me think of those in the past that I have gotten across finish lines that they never thought they could cross! (as a side note I am going to add pics to these when I get home from work so you'll have to visit back to see them!)

1. My first was a friend I had a long time ago. We used to do a lot at the gym together but she was not a runner. I got her to run a 6K with me...many laughs and swears later she crossed the finish line! We had a lot of fun training and less than a year later we completed the Boston Marathon!

2. Many years and a baby later my good friend Carrie had decided to run her first 5K. She lost over 100lbs and was ready to cross this off her list too and become a runner. I told her just trust me and I would get her across! I took her heart rate monitor (which by the way didn't work but I lied to her that it did) and let her know she was doing great! I was so proud of her as she crossed that finish line!!! Since then she has crossed MANY finish lines of 5k, 10k, halfs, as well as many triathlons!!!

3. The most recent person was my sister Amy! I posted about this earlier in November. My sister and I have a history of crossing finish lines of things with one of us pulling the other! We did the Breast Cancer 3 day many years ago and my poor sister finished with a stress fracture in her foot. I just kept telling her to stretch it out and there was no way she was going to take the van to the finish!!! Well this November she ran her first 5k and I couldn't be more proud of her!

I love getting people into running and I can't wait to see who I can help cross those finish lines this year....maybe my hubby I hope!!!


  1. Love the racy desk! What a cool idea.

  2. Changing the world, one runner at a time! :)

  3. Yeah!! I love the idea of displaying your bibs at work!!!

    You have done an OUTSTANDING job of inspiring others to run!!!

  4. I lov this idea. I bet my students would like it too. They love talking about running with me.

  5. Ahhh I love the desk! Wow..that is so great! I wish I had saved my race bibs. What an awesome idea. :)

  6. so inspiring!!! and I love your desk.

  7. I absolutely love what you did with your bibs on your desk. So cool! I can't wait to see the picture of it when it fills up! ;)