Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday meets Three Things Thursday!

Well I had all intention of putting up some super cute Valentine's Day pictures but after the girl went to bed I was so tired you could have blown me over with a faint wind! Ugh...and this morning was no better. I skipped my morning weights so my lazy butt could stay in bed! One thing I need to work on is the end of the week. I lose steam by Thursday! Ok so enough we go!

Yesterday was the first of three warmer days around here. By warmer I mean it was 39 degrees....PARTY TIME! Em and I quickly raced home, changed my clothes, and out the door we went! Em wanted to "play soccer" but really she wanted to run. I think she ran up and down our driveway 30 times! She would run down and go to the end of our dead end then back again yelling "Come on Mom!" I guess she likes to run....and had a lot of pent up energy! Today we are heading to the park because....wait for is going to be 45 degrees!!! Heat Wave!!!

While running is taking up a large part of my brain and overall life, another big contender for brain space is potty training. This week I have been gathering goods to start this coming week while I'm on vacation. Yes folks while my coworkers and sister are sunning themselves on a beach somewhere relaxing I will be watching my daughter sit on a potty for hours on end! Love!!! So for my 3 things I am going to show you what tricks I have gathered in hopes that she will catch on!

Exhibit A:
The potty seat! Yes we have for upstairs and one for downstairs....they are squishy for your tushy! Em picked them out at the store and has spent the last week walking around the house with them!!!

Exhibit B:
The bribes....I fully plan to add more to this pile but she loves her paper crown, her sunglasses, and what girl doesn't love chocolate! We have renamed this the potty crown!

Exhibit C:Getting help from Dora....and family! My Mom and sister sent this package of Dora loot for bribing...I mean rewarding Emma! Dora plates, napkins, band-aids, and undies!

We are so ready!!! Any pointers???

On a side note....did you know that they make Splenda with added fiber? I didn't realize that I needed that extra boost in my coffee if you know what I mean! Too bad I'm too cheep..rather frugal to buy a new box.


  1. I don't remember a WHOLE lot from training my girls but with my son I made a sticker chart and let him pick out Spiderman stickers and it worked well. :) Looks like you've got bases covered. I would even come potty at your house for that stash. :)

  2. hahaha! I only have experience training my dogs to do their duties outside, so if you want I can help you there! ha!

    CUTE BRIBES!!! I'd totally pee for you! ha ha!

  3. good luck! report back how that goes!