Friday, February 11, 2011

That Crazy Groundhog May Be Right!

Well as any good elementary school teacher knows....Mr. Puxawhater Phil did not see his shadow. This means Spring will be here in less than 6 weeks. Looking at the thermometer today you would say....BOLOGNA! However, listening to the weather this morning it sounds like warm weather is on the way.....YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not sure about the rest of New England but this Fancy Nancy needs some good thawing out weather!!!

You know it's Friday when it feels as though your schedule is caving in on you! It all hit the fan today when I went running out the door so that I wouldn't be late for work. This is starting to be more of a common occurrence for me and I hate it! I spend my day rushing....until 8 when I crash. This weekend I am going to look at my schedule and what I need to do to see how I can streamline shouldn't be going by at break neck speeds!

Leaving you this Friday with a funny story about little Em. My hubby is a big golf fan and is itching to get out on a course. Well yesterday, while I was at Babies R Us buying every potty training tool they sold, he was buying Em a toy set of golf clubs with hopes of making her the next golf phenom. No sooner did I take it out of the packaging than she picked up an iron and ball and cheered, "It's baseball time!!!!" That's my girl! I played softball for 14 years and secretly hope Em will too!!! Maybe it's genetic!!!


  1. I saw that on the weather today. who knew 40's would feel like summer:)
    Happy Friday and thanks for your great comment the other day. I needed that!

  2. That a girl Emma! She knows the sport of choice. proud of you and the miles your keeping up!!
    So has your goal number changed?...hee! hee!

  3. I can't wait for this weather!!!