Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Motivation

I'm going to drop a few truth bombs....this post baby recovery has SUCKED (I'm sorry Mom I know you hate that word) weight hasn't changed since I got home from the hospital 4 months ago...I've wanted to quit a thousand times over...I have been embarrassed to even post here thinking I am such a poser!  All of this is true and then some.  At 2 years shy of 40 I have had my third child and my body is fighting me every step of this postpartum journey.  I am making a promise to myself and a post to all of you that I will NOT quit...I will not my daughter says I'm still deflating (she follows it up with "no offense Mom"...yeah we are in that phase) and I WILL reach my goal!  There will come a time where I will be able to run again effortlessly!  There will come a time where my clothes fit again!  There will come a time where I catch my reflection in a mirror and not cringe!!!  I will get there!!!

What goal are you shooting for these days?  Any postpartum mamas out there?

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