Thursday, April 4, 2013


That's right!  It's Thursday already!!  You know what that means....grab a huge coffee and buckle up for this week's dose of randomness!

Allergies?...Before moving to Cape Cod, I had never ever considered myself as someone with allergies.  Then I moved here and well....thought that I had some disease which just happen to coincide with allergy season.
It was like a light bulb going off this morning as I have been thinking over going back to the doctor because clearly my strep/bronchitis had not in fact gone away.  Then there was the nice weatherman reporting on the pollen counts...yeah they were in the severe category!!  Guess I need to get myself some Claritin!

Run the Bridge...This Sunday, My BRF Jill, her brother Stu and I are going to be running the Jamestown Bridge 10k for the third year in a row! 
This race is always a challenge since it starts as a downhill and then proceeds to climb up the bridge for 6/10 of a mile....through a neighborhood of hills...back up the 6/10 of a mile bridge and then finish.  Yeah it's a lot of climbing for this girl right here....the one who really is not a fan of hills!  But boy do I love this race!!!

Six Pack Abs?...After having two children via two C-sections, my midsection is well....not so toned!  Also, as I have said before, my core needs major attention.  Today I was cruising the Internet and found a killer ab/core workout from The Petite Athlete.  I follow this girl on Instagram and damn this girl has AMAZING abs!!!  I would eat cardboard and hang upside down if it meant abs like that!  Seriously though she works out super hard and eats clean...thus the abs!  Well I am going to tackle her "300" workout.  So keep a lookout...


  1. It took me awhile to figure out I have seasonal allergies too, mine are in the fall though.

    I am going to have to check out Petite Athlete's workout. I love finding new ones, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm lucky in that I don't suffer greatly from allergies!

    Have a great time at your race! :)

  3. I thought I had a cold last week, but when I still felt miserable 5 days later, I decided it must be allergies. Since Allegra is working, I think that means I was right. Hope you gt some relief soon!

  4. Nice can't wait to hear about the results! With allergies I've been pretty lucky. My poor brother gets hit hard each year!

  5. Allergies suck. I hope the Claratin works.

    Have a great race! It's always fun to return to a race that you love.

  6. Fortunately I don't have allergies but my husband does. Sometimes I forget that my excitement about spring isn't quite the same for Chad :(

    Enjoy the race!

  7. Have a great race this weekend! I am going to check out that ab workout;)

  8. Ugh allergies! I like to blame them for everything right now that is wrong in the world. ;)

    Best of luck at your race! Sounds like fun!

  9. Sorry about your allergies. Hope you guys had a great race today!

  10. Good luck with the ab workout! That looks intense! I did the Les Mills Cyworx at the gym yesterday and I am feeling it today! I definitely don't do enough core work!

  11. LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the tee.
    need the tee.


    they may never be coming :-)