Thursday, April 11, 2013

TTT...Race Recap Style

This week's randoms all center around the Jamestown Bridge 10k that I ran on Sunday in Jamestown, RI.  

Fun in Numbers...I have run this race all three years it has been held and every year I have run it with my BRF Jill and her brother Stu.
Stu is running Boston this Monday for Team Eye and Ear!
Sporting my BAMR band and LOVING it (review coming soon!)
I ran the first mile with Jill which is always deceiving since it is 90% downhill leading to the bridge.  We ran it in 8:33....normal for my prebaby days but not so much for lately!  Stu was off with the crowd and soon Jill took off to chase/pass her baby bro!  It is so much more fun running with friends!  We laughed, joked (why is it that there is always one know that person...who needs to be the center of attention?  This race it was an overzealous CrossFitter who decided to spread eagle in the middle of the crowd to stretch and do push ups!), made up funny nicknames for people, set goals, and cheered on each other's successes!

Saucony with the Win...A few days before this race I was sent a pair of Kinvara 4.  I was instantly in love but I wasn't certain whether or not I should break the golden rule of running and race in new kicks....How could I resist though?
I mean just slipping them on I instantly felt bad ass!  These bad boys rock!  I had a pair of the Kinvara 3 that I bought last year and loved them for my shorter runs so I was really excited to try out the new model.
Yeah like Em said, "Mom those are going to make you SUPER FAST!"...well I could at least look super fast!  These go on sale starting May 1st....check them out.  You will not be sorry!  They also came out with a Boston Marathon edition that will be available at the expo....

Enjoy the view...The first mile of this race is, as I said, downhill...then starts the climb for 6/10 of a mile.  I got to the peak of the bridge and looked to my right and caught a glimpse of my beautiful home state!  The past two years either the weather has been cruddy or I was too focused on speed that I had never really appreciated the view.  I mean if I'm going to climb this...

I might as well enjoy this!
It was hard to really capture the view!
There were others taking pictures too...actually this one woman in front of me kept stopping and taking pictures.  She would then proceed to break into a sprint every time I trotted past her.  Yeah that's frustration you hear in my words....this irritated the CRAP out of me!  I'm happy to say though that I did in fact beat her in the end!  Hey I'm still pretty slow so I need to take the victories where they come!  I hit my goal of under 1 hour by crossing in 59:12...not my fastest by a long shot but not my slowest either!  This race is the only 10k I've raced in many years.  I have another on tap for June and am excited to see if I can score a pr you know since I won't need to climb a bridge twice!!!

I also today made the jump to Bloglovin...not a fan of change but it seems as if Google Reader is really forcing my hand at this!  Darn them!  Don't they know?!  So with that said...Follow me!


  1. I laughed out loud at the image of the sprinting woman.
    we are SO ALIKE...

  2. haha that would have bugged me too! sounds like a great race though and i love the look of those shoes!

  3. Yay on meeting your goal!! I love the bright new shoes, too.

  4. Yay!! I had some run/walkers at Disney that kept doing that to me. Really ticked me off.

    HAWT shoes, btw - and HOLY HILL on that bridge! You did great on this race. Someday I'll hit a sub-60 10k.

  5. Great recap and I LOVE your shoes and your BRF's jacket!

  6. That woman would have driven me crazy too! Great job with your race!!

  7. Ive always wondered about the kinvaras and basically how far I'd be able to run in them- you mentioned you use them for shorter distances, what is the farthest you're able to run in them before your calves give up?

  8. Haha, I have run with people like that woman and it drives me crazy. We had two girls like that in the half last weekend and we sprinted extra fast at the finish to be sure we beat them.