Friday, April 12, 2013

Fitness Friday....Boston Marathon Yearbook 2013

In just a few short days, thousands of runners will be taking the best right and left ever!!!  Thinking about that left onto Boylston still gives me goosebumps!  While there will be many IRL friends and bloggy friends that I will be on the sidelines cheering for, there are many within the crowd of 26,000+ that I'll be on the lookout for as well!  Here are some of the hidden and not so hidden famous faces that will be making their way from Hopkington to Boston!
Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan
While Shalane is a local girl (she's from Marblehead, MA) and it would rock to see a local win, Kara is my total running hero!  Seriously this girl rocks!  I was listening to her interview by Sarah and Dimity from Another Mother Runner the other day on their podcast.  She is not only a completely amazing runner, she is also an awesome mom!  We could totally be BFFs...however not BRF since I'm pretty sure she could lap me several times during a run!  These two ladies rock and I'll certainly have the camera ready when their pack passes me!
Joey McIntyre
Shall I break into the chorus from "Hangin Tough" as he jogs by?  Joey has grown up and no I no longer have my over sized Joey button to wear.  He is running for the Alzheimer Association...a disease which his mother suffers from. 
I'm sure the Boston native will be right at home!! 
Summer Sanders
Best known for her Olympic swimming days, Summer will be toeing the line in Hopkington for her very first marathon.  Summer and I spent many days together...well actually I was doing her prenatal workout DVD which was really great!  She runs a great half so I'm excited to see how Boston treats her!
Kris and Kayla Biagiotti
The BAA is honoring Team Hoyt for the many, many years they have been running the race and I am always moved each time I see them.  However, there will be another team that is running Boston for the first time.  They are the first mother-daughter wheelchair team to run Boston.  Kayla was diagnosed at three with a mitochondrial disease and Kris has battled her own health but she is not shying away from this challenge.  Good luck K-Girls!
Joan Benoit Samuelson
Celebrating 30 years since her win in Boston in 1983, this amazing lady will be there yet again!  She is still an amazing runner and has run the last two years.  She even scored herself an awesome finish last year even though it was about a bazillion degrees!

Are you going to be part of the Class of 13 at the Boston Marathon?  Who are you excited to see?


  1. As soon as I saw Joey Mac I started signing Hangin' Tough too! hahaha! He was my fav. So excited for everyone racing this year. I had planned on making it down to spectate but am unable to get the day off from work. Cheer for me Nancy!

  2. I definitely will have to come see a Boston Marathon in persona some day, unfortunately this is not the year. :( Enjoy Nancy!

  3. I would love to see it someday and run it of course, but first I would have to run another marathon!

  4. I'm running the BAA 5K on Sunday and will be at the expo on Saturday...really hoping to run into one of the famous faces ;)
    Wish I could spectate the marathon but we have to work in NH :(

  5. so fun that all those people are running! i'm not that into marathons but some of my best blogging friends are running and i'm excited to see how it goes for them!

  6. I am just trying to find a live feed to Canada... internet or tv. Help if you can! :)

  7. REALLY wish I was in Boston this weekend vs. last weekend. I get such a rush watching that it almost makes me want to go out and run a marathon... almost!

    Have fun and make some awesome signs!!

    1. Almost! Lol!!! When I'm not there I watch it while I'm running on the treadmill...keeps me going and feeling like I am a Kenyan!!

  8. The Hoyts are my very to meet them last year at the expo. And I love Joanie, too, of course. Have a great time cheering!!

  9. Beautiful post on Boston.
    When I began to run many many years ago I put 2 marathons in my wish list: Boston and Big Sur. Now both are forever part of my "impossible dreams" list.

  10. I had no idea all of these people would be running Boston this year. I'm just excited for the race and I'm not watching for anyone in particular.

  11. What a terrible tragedy, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims....