Friday, April 19, 2013

Running United...Running Boston Strong

I'm still struggling to find words during this time.  Fortunately I have been on school vacation and thus have been able to spend my days away from the TV and computer.  Away from the images and buzz and focusing on my lovies!  Their innocence and ignorance of the events that have gone on is a comfort and blessing.

Yesterday the local fire and police department organized a running event to honor the families and victims in Boston.  The crowd was a mix of military veterans and marathon runners, families and friends, those who have run Boston in the past and those who had either finished Monday or were stopped short.  The man who organized it spoke about those who had the courage to rush in when help was needed and how one day the men who did this horrific act would meet justice.  In his words, "Southie Justice".  If you know Boston at all...this is the kind of justice you don't want to meet!  We ran down the beach as the sun was rising and the tide was coming in...running and healing with each step. 

Running is what we do and running is what we will continue to do.  We are runners and we will run Boston Strong!
If you live in the South Shore or on the Cape and want to be part of a memorial run, Bayside Runner is holding two runs.  The first is today at 6:15 out of their Plymouth store and the second is next Friday at 6:15 out of their new Yarmouth store. 


  1. this is awesome that you were able to take part in such a selfless event. Stay strong and safe during all this tragedy Nancy!

  2. I love all the runners carrying flags. It brought tears to my eyes.

  3. An absolutely beautiful way to pay tribute.

  4. Gives me goosebumps! Awesome way to honor the victims of such horrific moments :-( way to be a part of something amazing!!!

  5. I am glad you all did this! What a great way to show your support.