Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Motivation

When I saw this pic a few weeks ago I was first struck by how perfectly it fit how I feel at times...pulled in so many different directions.  This past week has been crazy and often the end of the school year has me pulled in a million directions by all who need something, but this week my runs and workouts are just for me.  The week after a big race is all about reconnecting...finding the joy again once the carrot has been caught!  While this week is probably going to bring a lot of the same pulling, I heard something really perfect on the radio the other day..."A storm always runs out of rain."  I'm making a point to do this for me this week...and holding on to the storm running out of rain!
How do you reconnect with you when you're feeling pulled?  What will you do this week just for you?


  1. Sometimes I have to tell myself that it is OK to sit and watch mindless TV for a bit and let the lists go!
    Hopefully you will be able to reconnect more after school is done - teachers need summer!!!

  2. I am heading out for a run later this morning!

  3. Love this and needed this reminder! Running and I have been struggling in our relationship lately so thank you.

  4. Great image and reminder! I've been needing to guard quiet time with my husband lately- we can too easily fill our evenings, but reconnecting with him helps me reconnect to myself as well!