Monday, February 8, 2010

Tan Lines....Long Runs....and Motivation

I'm so sorry for being MIA yet again! But I figured you would get a good laugh by this picture! Even though it has been about 10 degrees during each of my long runs, I have still managed to get a wicked tan line on my forehead! If anyone has any suggestions on how to avoid this let me know! It's from my hat and though I love a good's pretty funky and it looks like I just put a ton of bronzer on since the rest of my body is wicked white!

My long runs have been going well and I can't believe that the half is in 2 weeks or so! I have done 13 miles for two weekends in a row...this week was definitely better since my friend Michelle ran a part of it with me! Things always go by faster when you have someone to talk to! I love running with my buddy Jill but she is recovering from Miami and giving her body a long needed rest!! I miss you Jill!!! I will probably try to do 14 this weekend and then start to taper a little. I am definitely feeling the tired feeling in my legs!

Even though I am getting in my long runs, I will say that my motivation is not what I need it to be! I am doing the 1000 mile challenge and I am not happy with myself when it comes to my mileage totals! After going to the doctor for Emma, I told her that Emma is having trouble eating real people food...she just won't try it! She'll anything that I puree but not too much that we give her off our plate. The doctor said we needed to eat as a family. Well before that I would go to the gym when my hubs was done with work and then be home to put Em to bed. Well after that, as you can imagine, I decided to wait until Emma went to bed to exercise. This equals me and the dreadmill in the basement! It's hard and I'm exhausted but I have to JUST DO IT!!!! I am hoping this week I'll be able to get focused. I know once I am focused I will do just fine! I promise to keep you posted!!


  1. I am behind my 1,000 miles too, but I'm doing well for February. Just do what you can, it's really hard when you have kids, I'm definitely with you on this one!

  2. I use Neutrogena Sport Face 70+SPF to keep my face as white as the rest of me. :)

    Nice job getting in two solid long runs over the weekends. AND in 10 degrees?! (I have no idea what I'm in for next year...)