Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holy Hell It's Hot!

These past two days I have a new respect for people living in the south that actually go outside! We have had a neat little heat wave these past two days that have pushed the temp above 90 both days! Great if I could go to the beach...not so great to have to be in a school teaching...Needless to say I was glad a few minutes ago when I heard a clap of thunder. A sure sign that cool weather is on its way!

I did venture out yesterday for a run with Emma in the Bob. We have been loving our route that starts at the beach parking lot and goes along the boardwalk along the beach. Normally it is nice and quiet and I can run anywhere from 3-7 miles depending on what she's doing and how hard the wind is blowing! Well I must have had a duh moment because I was actually shocked to see the normally quiet beach swarming with teenagers and people! I was not going to let it stop me and headed out. Well I found a sure fire way to speed up your time during this run...A guy in cut off jeans and rollerblades let me pass him. This should have been a sign...I pass him only to hear from behind me, "You're lookin good!" Now while I don't bark at any compliment, a skeevy guy telling me how good I look definitely is motivation to pick up the pace!

Just one more day of running and then it's race time! I'm really looking forward to it but am going to need to get in some shopping cause it's going to be 80 and I want some cute running clothes!

Hope you all are staying cool tonight!


  1. Everyone in RI and MA was complaining about the heat! I'm from North Smithfield. There are so many great spots I need to hit up (mostly food places) before I head back to NC!

  2. Hehehehe take it as a compliment...

    Good luck this weekend. High Five

  3. you're going to have to shop for un-running clothes if it's 80 degrees! so hot to be running! (the humidity is what kills me)