Saturday, May 8, 2010

My hero!

Don't you just want to squeeze her? I promise to post more about me and running tomorrow but tonight I want to tell you about how blessed I am to call this woman Mom! I know I have spoken about my Mom before...probably last Mother's Day but I could talk about her every day and still be amazed by her! She is 100% for her family and it shows! She knows just what to say and do to make me feel like I am supported no matter what I do! I get my daily pep talk from her every morning on my way to school! I can't imagine starting my day any differently! My Mom is my biggest cheerleader and a source of guidance that I could not live without!

But her efforts don't just sit with my sister and know my Mom is to love her. She brings everyone into "the fold" every day! She practically grabs people off the street every Thanksgiving because she wants to make sure that everyone has a place to go...even the lady who no one can stand! She always put a note in my lunch box for school to encourage me and in high school she used to include ones for my friends too! She has shown me how to love people the way that we all should...with an open mind and heart! Life has not always been a walk in the park for my Mom but you would be hard pressed to hear her complain...ever!

She lives for her family and pours out love every day! I could go on and on forever about just how amazing my Mom the end of the day she is my friend, my Mom, and my hero! Emma and her cousins are blessed to have her for a grandmother and we are all blessed to have her in our lives! I pray each day that I can be as good as a mom as she has been to me!

I love you Mom!!! Happy Mother's Day!


  1. beautiful tribute to your mom :) hope you had a great weekend!

  2. You have an amazing Mom - I am blessed to know her!!!!