Sunday, November 28, 2010

Race Report...In Pictures

So my sister Amy is officially a runner!!! She finished her first race!!! Here are the pictures to prove it! It was a great race...definitely one I would like to do next you got to run by Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower...What's more American Thanksgiving than that?! Jill and Brian ran with us and my parents and nieces were our pit crew!! Added bonus...The 3 miles of the race were the last 3 of my 1000!!!


  1. Great pictures!!! Way to go for your sister :)

  2. congrats to Amy, AND Congrats to you!!! Total SWEETNESS ON THE 3 MILES BEING YOUR 1000!!! YEAH!!!!

  3. thanks Nancy! I am a little behind :) I cold not have done it without you!! Love you