Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This weather has been something of a gift for us around these parts!!  So warm and sunny...makes it hard not to play hookey every day!!  Em and I have returned to our usual park runs and yesterday was no different!  We rushed home...changed...and went on our way to the park!
Some reflections from the run:
  • I cherish this time with Em looking for flowers and buds and talking about silly things!
  • Never let Em bring a microphone on a run again...we scared the daylights out of a few people when she piped in with a pretty loud "Excuse me!"
  • I need to get the Bob serviced ASAP!!  Two almost flat tires makes for a lot of extra effort!
  • It is becoming hard to push Em at the speed I used to go...partly due to said tires but also because she is getting big!
  • 5 bugs in the eye...yeah it's going to be a buggy summer!
  • Foot is still hurting from the race Sunday...need to ice and rest....someday!
  • I ran part of this as my virtual 5k relay with Ali Mc from Running with Spatulas...not too shabby with a 25:32 time...considering the weight, tires, and cranky foot!


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to use your time. I remember those stroller days w/ low air in the tires--it's hard!

    Now can you please arrange to have cooler temps up there on April 16?

    1. Oh don't's New England! We could have snow this weekend! Just kidding...I will try my best. I ran Boston and it was 32 degrees! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for perfect temps for Marathon Monday!!

  2. I am so looking forward to the nice weather we are supposed to have here today sadly since it snowed two days ago and there is still a lot of snow on the ground I will be running in a lot of MUD.

    I tried to push my kids in the double stroller recently and concluded they are way too heavy now for that, but i guess if I did it a lot I would get some serious strength in my legs!

  3. 5 bugs - got to love it.
    Yay for an awesome workout pushing your beautiful Em.

  4. buggy-ness is upon us for sure! glad you got out to the park. take it easy on the foot though. rest it now so you can be ready for the rest of spring.

  5. Don't you hate it when bugs get stuck in your eyes:) I love the microphone scares! Flat tires make pushing a stroller so much harder. You got a great extra workout:)

  6. so fun you are able to get out there with Em again!!! i always love the photos of the 2 of you...too cute :)

  7. great run! i love running, while pushing my 2 year old in the stroller...he loves to look around and then look back and me and tell me, good job mommy! lol.

    our weather was awful yesterday, but clearing up and suppose to be in the high 80's rest of the week, so it'll make for many sweaty runs around here!!!

  8. Ew. Bugs. That is a sign that spring is here. Not that it was last, but just that it is here for now! I remember lots of bugs from last year too! In the eyes, mouth, everywhere!

    Good job on running with the Bob. I always see these Bob ladies and they are very impressive, running as fast as I am with a stroller!

  9. I can't stop laughing at the thought of the scared person and the your little one on the mic!!! :-)

  10. I love stroller runs to the park! That is an awesome 5k time with the stroller, you were moving!!

  11. Great run! That's a speedy 5K with a jogger w/ flat tires! Funny about the microphone! :)

  12. NICE 5k - I got your time and hadn't realized it was with the little one! WOW you're on fire :) bonus points for that.

    and I saw your comment on Christy's photo - to be honest just an epic shot of you running with spatulas is amazing in itself - try not to over think it :)