Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Oh never cease to bring me random things to talk about!!!  This week is all about training, racing, and looking the part!

Eye on the prize....It was no surprise that my major race of this winter was the Martha's Vineyard 20 miler.  It was the race that was getting me on the road in wicked (very for those non-New Englanders) cold temps and motivating my runs.  Last weekend's half was to get me back into running again.  I knew I could do it with just the training that I had done.  This week I have been having trouble keeping my eye on the prize.  I have two big races and many other virtual ones on the schedule and I am getting nervous that my down week is going to jeopardize them....Ummm even as I type this I am kicking myself.  I just wrote a post about taking the rest when you need it!!!  Yeah we runners are crazy.....right?

Race away....So as I mentioned I have two in real life races and many virtual ones coming this April and May.  What am I up to you may ask.....well here is a rundown of April and May for your reading pleasure!


Westminster Women's Classic 10k Virtual Race
Are you doing any of these??  Yeah I have a slight obsession with virtual races!!!

Looking the part....yesterday as I was running with my Wednesday night group (in the daylight and with a skirt on might I add), we were talking about one man's daughter.  She is tiny and plays confidently on the boy's ice hockey team (way to bring it girl!).  We began to joke about how we looked like anything but runners....although some of them really do.  It got me thinking....what does a runner of today look like?  Years past runners have always had your traditional runner know what I mean and I'm sure many of you have it. know!  I would say that from running many races and watching a handful, this is no longer.  Men and women of all shapes and sizes are runners now...and not just casual runners but are out there killing it!   Don't get me wrong...I would trade these tree trunk legs in a second for Kara Goucher's gams but I know I'm a runner no matter what I look like!!! 


  1. I am totally doing the Jelly Bean too...but didn't know about the other two virtual ones...might consider signing up for those too! :)

  2. I totally agree. Most of the races I run have people of all shapes and sizes. I love that! Sometimes the people that look less like a runner are the ones that whoop my butt:)

  3. Wow you have a packed race calendar good luck!!!

  4. I think there are so many different shapes and we can all be runners if we want to! I don't look like the typical runner, but I am a runner and I love my big booty! I'm running Saturday and am completely unprepared, but I'm going for it! You will do great! I'm doing Jess's Jelly Bean Run, that's the only one so far this spring, I love virtual runs!

  5. I love seeing all different types of people at races! I can't tell you how many times women twice my age have blown right past me during a race. It doesn't shock me anymore :).

  6. I totally agree that runners all look so different. And looks are deceiving...runners you might not think are fast can bust it out with the best of them.
    ...I wouldn't say no to looking like Kara...