Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Motivation

This week I am throwing down the challenge flag for everyone I know.....take the challenge this summer to push yourself past what you think you can do...get out of that comfort zone!!  You'll see me talking on Facebook and Twitter about challenging yourself especially in running.  You have nothing to lose!  My challenge is continuing to run through this pregnancy.  Running now for me is not as easy as I want it to be but I am taking that challenge because I have dreams of a big comeback once the baby is born.  Yes it scares me a little....not getting there is a little scary but I am up for it! 
How will YOU challenge yourself?
Head on over to the ZOOMA Race Series blog later today and check out my guest post today!  Maybe you are sitting comfy with your 5k races....challenge yourself to go to a 10k!  10k a breeze....shoot for a half marathon!  You CAN do it!  I know you can!!!


  1. you WILL WILL WILL do it postbaby.
    I know you will.


  2. push, push, push

    kinda takes on a whole new meaning ;)

  3. woohoo! awesome post! got me going this morning, thanks!!!

    I just posted about motivation today too, we must all be feeling it :-)

  4. I need that quote framed at MY house :). My challenge this summer is to run consistently and stick with my marathon training while NOT pushing myself to the point of injury. It's a delicate balance I am still trying to figure out!

    1. This picture was from the ETSY website....go ahead and buy it for your house!! Great reminder! Good luck training!

  5. That is a great quote. Most of the things that I want to do are scary!

  6. I think I'm going to challenge myself to stick to LOW and SLOW millage. It's funny, because I bet most people challenge themselves to go faster and run longer, but for me it's a challenge NOT to do that ;)

  7. YES!!! PUSH!!!! I was stuck in 5K distance for about two and half years. I'm hitting my first 10-miler this Wednesday, on my own, for the Longest Day cause for Alzheimer's Association. On top of that, it's also part of my training for my first half marathon, which is in Chicago this July. I NEVER thought I could do this...but if you dream big and work hard, you'll succeed.

  8. Great post! My challenge for this summer is to be a better manager at work, somebody people feel inspired by and they enjoy working there.

  9. Love this! Girl I am so far out of my comfort zone with an Olympic Tri that I am freaking out! Glad you can enjoy moving through this pregnancy.

  10. Running while pregnant would scare me a bit too. I would have to be sure it wouldn't do my body or the body any harm. Then again, not so long ago I read about this woman who ran a marathon while 9 months pregnant, so I suppose it's alright! I wish you lots of success.

    My challenge this Summer will be to keep myself on an even keel during those long weeks when all the kids are at home.