Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Motivation/ Day of Remembrance

Life has been stressful around these parts, however all of that was put into perspective the moment I heard the news about the unspeakable tragedy in Newtown on Friday.  As a teacher and even more as a mom, I could not keep from weeping hearing the news and seeing the pictures.  The very next day was Em's 4th birthday party...a very real reminder that I have thousands of reasons to smile.  Two healthy, beautiful girls, a loving husband, and family and friends that love me and my family dearly!  I have the ability to break my body down knowing it will bounce back for more.  I have not stopped praying for the families of Newtown since I heard the news, and am holding my lovies tighter each day!
What do you have to smile about today?
...I have wrestled back and forth with this and have decided to log off today and observe the day of remembrance.  Take the time you would to comment and hug a loved one today...and be sure to thank a teacher!

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  1. My family is happy & healthy and that makes me smile.

    Praying for Newtown...