Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What About BOB? #Joggermom

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with #2, I began looking for a double jogger.  I actually told my sister we were pregnant that way!  Something along the lines of, "I need your help finding a good deal on a double jogger." "Oh yeah sure thing......wait do you NEED a double jogger?" Insert me smiling ear to ear!!  While we had a BOB already (it was handed down to us)
We LOVE our BOB!
I was uncertain what kind of jogger to get that would be best for the miles I run and the things I wanted to use it for.  That was when I read the Facebook post from Joggermom looking for running moms!  I have known about Joggermom for several years since I have run Kelly's Joggermom Marathon the past two Mays but I had never ordered anything from the site.
I contacted Kelly and told her what I was looking for.  After a few clarifying questions, she sent me several recommendations.  The website was so easy to navigate and I was able to find what I was looking for very quickly.
I was also happily surprised to get a great price AND free shipping on the jogger...amazing savings considering how much the UPS man had to struggle to drag the box up our driveway.  Kelly, the mastermind behind Joggermom.com, even emailed me to let me know about a delay in shipping.  It's those attention to details and customer service that I really appreciated!  She even put a note in one of my boxes to apologize again!!  Em and I tracked the package all day and were waiting at the door!
I immediately ripped the box open and took out our Bob Ironman Duallie!!  it was wicked easy to put together and it was ready to go in minutes!!  We waited until the next day to test out the new ride...bundled up and snacked up we headed out for a run around the neighborhood.
I admit that I have run for many years with a single jogger but this double is no joke!!  I will have to get used to the extra weight.  Em said she loved it and it was super comfy...two toddler thumbs up!
Aubrey on the other hand was completely unimpressed...or just so comfy she couldn't resist sleeping!
I honestly am in love and can't wait to use it more!!!   If you are on the market for a new stroller or baby gear, the website also has car seats, carriers, diaper bags, and other baby gear, check out Joggermom.com.  Kelly is amazingly helpful and the site is so easy to use!!  You can even start a registry! 
*I was given a discount on a stroller but the opinions are all me!*


  1. this nonrunner loveloveloved her BOB TOO!

  2. LOVE my double BOB! Seriously could not live without it!

  3. LOVING Aubrey's relaxed approach to running in this cold :-) x

  4. Sometimes I wish someone would push me around in a stroller!! :)

  5. Aubrey is so sweet! Ok, now onto the jogger--I remember having a big, heavy, cumbersome double jogger that I hated. I'm so glad you have the more updated, nicer version of this essential piece of equipment!

  6. How cute I love how you told your sister you were pregnant!

  7. I was (and still am) in absolute covet for a Bob with both pregnancies. We couldn't budget for it but I know many upon many who own and enjoy theirs.

  8. When my now grown daughter was a baby, I ran with her. Loved it!