Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Motivation

When someone as amazing as Nelson Mandela passes, I often wonder if we will ever see someone like that again in our lifetime...someone filled with courage and resolve to see change happen in the world.  It makes me want to do more with my days here, and challenge my students and children to do the same!  This is one of my favorite quotes of Mandela on so many always seems impossible when my students come to me that one day they'll be speaking English like their peers, but they always seems impossible that we will make it through our trials until we do...the athletic task ahead seems impossible at times until I'm crossing that finish line.  This week I'm facing what I feel seems impossible in front of me...I'm facing it down and this week it will be done!
What do you have in front of you that seems impossible?


  1. What an amazing and interesting person. I watched a documentary on him last night.

  2. so so so so so much.
    and yet? NOTHING when viewed through the MANDELA-lens.

  3. I wonder the same thing... who will be the next one? And what a cool perspective as a teacher that any of our children can change the world given the right tools and the passion!

  4. A great message. Possibilities are endless.