Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Time to Sworkit Out!

Welcome to the holiday season...the time of year when time is like gold!!  Also if you're anything like me you have accepted every challenge that has come across your blog feed and keeping you active on top of everything else.  There are days when I get in a workout just fine and others that call for quick workouts throughout the day!  One challenge that I have gladly joined in on again this year is #Elf4Health!
We have challenges each being no make-up so consider yourself warned if you see me today!! 
Part of the challenge is that you are assigned a buddy elf to encourage for two weeks.  Lucky me my first assigned elf was Ryan Hanna, developer of the Sworkit app! 
I hadn't heard of Sworkit before and was excited to check it out!  It has been perfect for me on those days when I am trying to fit in a bunch of small workouts throughout the day.  I tried it for our "new workout" challenge day and did 45 min of interval cardio!  It was great!! 
It's super simple to use too!  First you select what type of workout you are looking for:

Then how long you want to do it:
Then you're off!  When you're all done you can even synch it to My Fitness Pal or other social media sites!  A workout literally in the palm of your perfect!  Just what I need on those busy days or when I want to try something new!  Check it out for yourself and let me know!!

I'm not singing Sworkit's praises just because Ryan is my buddy actually is a great app to have!


  1. (((clickity click to check it out)))

  2. i feel like I need to join twitter so i can get the most out of different challenges. Maybe in 2014 i'll finally break down.
    downloaded the app and anxious to try it out :)

  3. I'll have to check out that app! It's handy to have workouts on my phone if I want to work out in a room without my computer or I'm traveling.

  4. I actually use SworkIt and love it for a quick workout! So fun that it's your elf!