Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scenes from a Run

I know that I did this earlier this year during a run this summer while visiting my hometown, but this week I decided to do something I had done once with blogger Mel over at Tall Mom.  I set out on a route to meet my family at soccer and each time my Garmin beeped for a mile, I clicked a picture!  Unfortunately the colors on the trees weren't as good as they are now (perhaps a rerun should happen)! It is always cool for me to see where you all run...whether it be seaside...mountains...or in wide open fields with cows roaming!  We all are out there covering our miles in such diverse places!
MILE 1:  I love this part...
MILE 2:  Yes there is sand everywhere on Cape Cod!!
MILE 3: One of the many climbs today!
MILE 4: One loop around the cranberry bog!
MILE 5: I just loved this sign! 
MILE 6: Made it before the fam....and the most of the team!!


  1. This is a cool idea and fun way to document a run. I may have to try this although the weather here has been grey and dismal. You are rocking some amazing runs these days!