Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Sneaking" in Goodness with #HempHearts

While I love Em dearly, she has been a picky eater from the moment that she had to put food into that sweet mouth of hers!  We asked the pediatrician many times to which they responded, "She'll grow out of it" or "Just keep offering her different foods".  We tried the "if she's hungry she'll eat method" until we realized that she would rather starve.  I feel like we have really tried it all!  Now....I sneak.  I sneak in veggies, extra protein, whatever I can into the small subset of foods that she deems acceptable. 

I was so excited when I got the chance to try out Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts for a campaign as a Sweat Pink ambassador.  For me I was excited to incorporate them into foods that I already eat like yogurt, smoothies, and salads for an extra kick of extra protein and Omega-3s.  They are delicious and nutty and so easy to sprinkle on anything.  Then I got an idea....I could add them to my list of sneaking food!!! 
I started with one of our staples...pancakes!  I already put in pumpkin to our favorite pancakes but I tried sprinkling each pancake with some hemp hearts...
The verdict....She loved them!  She didn't even notice the added texture or the dots (well actually I told her they were sprinkles...this kid doesn't miss a thing!  After that success, I got daring and decided to put them in her muffins that I was making for her lunch.
I added a 1/4 cup of the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts to the batter and mixed it all in.  She ate her muffins without a second thought of the extra goodness that was inside!  With each sprinkle and sneak I was giving her 10grams of Omega-3s and 10grams of protein per 30gram serving!  Hemp Hearts is a winner for the whole family!
Not sure how to use Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts?  In addition to sprinkling them on just about anything, they have a great resource of recipes on their website

And because I learned in kindergarten to share with my friends, Manitoba Harvest is offering 20% off to you all to use on anything on their website by using the code HHSweatPink14.
Have you ever used hemp hearts?  What's your favorite way to sneak in goodness with picky eaters??
I was given a package of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts for the purpose of this review but the opinions expressed are 100& my own!


  1. the eight year old and I love the HEARTS on a SPOON outta the bag.
    straight outta the bag :)

  2. Muwhahaha! I'm sneaky too. But then I spill the beans about what's actually in the goods. 99% of the time they are ok with it!