Thursday, May 21, 2015


Another week and another batch of randomness for your Thursday reading!  This week has just flown by for some reason!  I think part of it is that every night as I sit down after putting the girls in bed I am out...out cold...down for the count!  I don't know if it is the increased fresh air or still Ragnar hungover but I just can't seem to sleep enough lately!!  Either way here you go!!

Expo fun!  I am going to be working at the Boston Run to Remember expo at the Seaport in Boston this Saturday for ZOOMA Women's Race Series and I am SOOO excited!!

If you are running the race, PLEASE stop by...say hi...and maybe even snag yourself a fun prize!!

Bucket List...Each Memorial Day weekend, the ladies (well right now Em and I since Aubs is game for anything) we make a list of things we want to do during the summer.  While topping the list of course (because they know they have no other option...because they know my love language) the ladies picked the beach and ponds, other fun suggestions were camping in the back yard, exploring new hiking trails, going on the ocean explorer to learn more about the animals in the ocean, lots of fun with the cousins, family vacation, and VBS.  I'm sure we will be adding more things in but it is always exciting to start planning our time!  I love that as a teacher I am able to have this time with the girls!  It is honestly time that I treasure!  Do you make a summer bucket list?  What's on your list?

Time to rest...Just as a little update from Monday.  I took Monday-Wednesday off from running this week (I still went to the gym but did weights). 

While I was almost ready to cut someone, I know it was a good thing to rest my legs and my brain!  Today I hopped on the mill for a ladder workout and really felt a lot I wasn't dreading each step!  I honestly probably could have taken another day but I it was good!  What are your clues that you need to take a break from something?

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  1. Sometimes your body and mind just needs a break from the running! Can't wait for summer fun! I am sure you and your girls will have a blast!