Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's Talk Training

I know I haven't done a training update post in a long time...mostly due to the whole toe thing...
After breaking my toe, I took one full week off of all activity (except chasing my children because well...safety first).  This was for two reasons....I couldn't walk and I couldn't put a shoe on.  After about a week of feeling like a slug, I started back at the gym riding the bike and lifting.  I will say that during this healing my Altras have really come in handy with their wide toe box!
I took 3 full weeks off from any kind of running at all!  Yup....I was ready to cut someone!!  After three weeks was up I started slowly running again.  My toe felt pretty good...I think more than anything my toenail is a little wonky now (figures I have never lost a toenail running but I may just lose one now) and I have to really make sure I am putting my foot down flat.  After weeks of compensating for the toe, my gait is a little off.  Last week I got in 20 miles total with shorter runs throughout the week on the treadmill.  I didn't want to risk anything by going on the uneven surface outside.
Fast forward to this week.  I have started Monday with a Summer Shred with Amanda Tress and so far we have done sprints yesterday and today.  My toe feels pretty good but boy oh boy taking even just 3 weeks off has me sucking wind!  I am hoping to run a fall half but I am taking the next two weeks to see how my toe and body cooperate.  I'm definitely not acclimated to summer running as evidenced by today's sweat fest!
My hope is that after a few weeks of just mentally toughing it out...and dropping those lbs that showed up uninvited when I stopped moving for three weeks....things will start to click again!  I mean I won't always feel like a fat stinkin hog out there right?!


  1. Initially, I regret when looking your injuried toes. Luckily, you recover quickly! ^^ Let's continue running! Good luck!

  2. may god give you good health and I hope you will recover very soon.

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