Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking to 2017

Why yes I am waiting until one of the last days of 2016 to think about goals for the coming year.  This year's end finds me in a position that I am not familiar with and it is honestly making me uncomfortable.  I don't feel like I can make race goals...mileage goals...or anything like that considering that for the next 5 months of the year I will be pregnant.  This is the first time I have been pregnant going into a new year.  Coupled with the fact that this past year I have struggled physically to get back to where I felt comfortable after breaking my toe, I am at a weird place.  Running this pregnancy is feeling off and I fear that my time logging running miles are coming to a close.  However, new years bring new a freshly sharpened pack of #2 pencils...and my mind craves goals.  Because of that I am laying down some goals...that are really focused more on me as a person as opposed to my usual goals as a runner.

Have a healthy pregnancy and baby boy! 
The holiday season has me having more treats than I should...especially when everyone around me is saying...oh you can get away with it this year!  This year I want to focus on staying healthy throughout this pregnancy and beyond so that not only do my girls have a healthy mom but so does their new baby brother!  And seeing as how there is still 7 months left to the year once the prince comes...see you later baby weight!  I mean really did you not think I would put this in here!?!

Have more fun/relax!
I find this ironic that I type this as I feel ready to pop due to the mess that just seems to be a daily reality post-Christmas, but this year I want to try to loosen the Type A part of my brain and have more fun just being silly and relaxing.  More times like this...
and less times stressing over laundry and schedules...less yelling and more breathing!

Invest more in the healthy relationships in my life!
2016 brought to light some toxic relationships in my life.  It was hard to let them go because I felt like I was quitting but once I did it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders!  Letting go of that brought more time and energy for me to invest in the healthy my those who love me and are truly there for me.  Letting go of it brought more light in my life and in my family's life!  This coming year I want to continue to invest in those relationships!

Making room for one more means we need to finally tackle those boxes that we have moved from house to house!  I'm making a goal for myself to go through 1-2 boxes a week from now until we have gotten through them all!  This is going to mean lots of trips to the dump...lots of garbage bags...purging girl clothes (we have at least 3 bins per age range)...and letting go of stuff I have been hanging onto for far too long!!!  I'm looking forward to having more room and less clutter!

Project 365!
Because I am always craving a project...and my Cannon is collecting far too much dust...I am going to do project 365.  I am going to post a picture a day for the whole year.  I fully understand that some days may be as exciting as my cluttered desk, but others will be as exciting as a new member of our family.  In a year that we complete our family and navigate our first summer as 5 (this boy is getting his sea legs immediately), I am excited to document it!

What are you planning for 2017?  Any amazing races on the horizon?  Please tell me so that I can vicariously train through you!!! 

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